Leicester Morrismen

Welcome to our website. We are a group of ordinary guys of varied ages and backgrounds,who share a love of the Morris and like having fun!

Morris Dancing has been part of English life for at least six hundred years and there is continuing argument as to its origins and age and while it was unique to England there are clear similarities to traditional dances from elsewhere.

It is a living tradition, with each generation interpreting what they inherit in their own way, but Leicester Morrismen aim to maintain the tradition by performing the Cotswold Dances as they were collected and recorded in the early Twentith Century. A small number of ‘sides’ (the term used to describe a Morris club), including Bampton and Headington, can trace their history back before 1800, but the current Leicester Morrismen first danced out in 1953.

Anyone can have a go!   If that includes you, just talk to us and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Boxing Day (Dec 26th)

Red Leicester at The Griffin Inn, Swithland.

12noon – 2.00pm


Sun Jan 6th 

Red Leicester on the Great Central Railway

10.40 Leicester North

 12.05 Quorn Station 

 12.18 Rothley  Station

 14.00 Quorn 

 14.58  Loughbro’ Station