Leicester Morris

Welcome to the website of Leicester Morris. We are a group of ordinary people of varied ages and backgrounds, who share a love of the Morris and like having fun.

The end of one era and the beginning of an exciting new one for Leicester Morris.

After a year of celebrations marking our 70th Anniversary as Leicester Morrismen we are opening our membership to all.

Why the change? 

We now recognise that the old interpretation of Morris dancing as a Male tradition was due to ingrained chauvinism. Cecil Sharp is widely recognised as a prime mover in the collection and recording of the Cotswold Morris tradition in the early 20th century but the pivotal role of women such as Mary Neal, through her work with the Esperance club for working class girls, and Maud Karpeles was largely brushed over until recent years.

The First World War destroyed entire Cotswold village Morris sides and we now recognise that It was Neal’s female Morris dancers who ensured the survival of Morris Dancing as a living tradition, through teaching the dances to men returning from the war. Mary Neal recognised the value in encouraging these men to connect with this age-old tradition and experience the joy in Morris dancing.

Why Morris Dance?

People join Morris groups for many reasons. Morris Dancing is a very social activity, it helps to keep you fit, it entertains (or irritates) the public, it keeps the tradition alive and, most importantly, it is fun.

Give it a go!

Leicester Morris welcome new members so if you would like to join the fun and try this lovely traditional pastime, just come along and give it a go. Male, female, young * or old, potential dancer or musician, all welcome! You have nothing to lose – and we’ll even buy you a drink after the session.  [* Please note. Under 18s must bring an adult along.]

Musicians: As long as you can play an instrument (that can be played outdoors whatever the weather) we can train you in the skills needed to accompany the Morris.

Dancers: All you need is basic fitness, commitment and a pair of comfy shoes.We were all beginners once so don’t be shy!

When:        Wednesdays  from 7.45pm  – 9.15 pm

Where:      Christchurch, 105a Clarendon Park Road, LE2 3AH