1953 onwards – have Leicester Morris danced at a venue near you?

Leicester Morris have been performing in Leicester and across the county and beyond for the last sixty-five years.

Belwo are links to spreadsheets showing many of the places where we have performed since 1959. There are a few gaps, in the early years years when arrangements to perform were more spontanious, as an when there were anough dancers available to perform and some later years where our records have been misplaced

Together they show how busy we have been and how many miles we have covered.  For example, we have danced in Tugby 6 times; Birstall 20 times, Markfield 23 times and Loughborough 57 times.

Sadly they also show the large number of pubs that no longer exist!

If you have any photos of any of our performances, especially in the early days, we would be delighted to see them.     

Please contact our bagman via  bagman@leicestermorrismen.co.uk 

To view where Leicester Morrismen have performed in each of the decades click on the relevant dates in the column opposite to open the pdf file.
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