Who & What you will see

Each Morris group (side) has its own unique costume, ours being white shirt and trousers with black baldrics, with the Leicester Cinquefoil on the front, and manciples decorated with white, gold and red ribbons. The same colour ribbons decorate the bells pads that we strap just below the knees and our hats – which are also adorned with flowers.

Cotswold Kit

Border Kit


We are led by a Squire (President). 

Charlie Corcoran.

Bagman of Leicester Morrismen

Pete Johnson    Fool and Keeper of Leicester                                              Morrismen’s Scrapbook.

Pete welcomes any photos you might have of Leicester Morrismen.

Leicester Morrismen’s “Beast” or  Animal is ‘Charlie’ Fox, who appears occasionaly to “assist” the dancers.



Leicester Morrismen’s Musicians

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