Who are the Leicester Morris (aka Red Leicester)

Morris Dancing is an ancient English tradition going back centuries. It’s so old that nobody knows how it started or what it means, though there are plenty of theories! Everyone seems to agree that it’s something to do with the cycle of the seasons and making the crops grow.

Where and when? You will see from our programme that every Wednesday evening from May through to September we tour the City and County performing Cotswold Morris dances, usually at pubs!  We also travel further afield to gatherings and festivals from time to time.

We dance Cotswold Morris in the summer months dressed in white clothes with flowers round our straw hats.

In the Winter when we perform we are Red Leicester Morris. In this guise, we perform Border Morris, with our faces painted red and wearing tatter-coats and top hats decorated with feathers. 


  • Because it’s fun!
  • Because we enjoy each other’s company.
  • Because we raise money for charity.
  • Because it’s good exercise.
  • Because we get to drink the odd pint – though it’s not compulsory.
  • Because we like to keep alive one of our country’s most colourful traditions.

Why not give it a try?

New recruits – dancers and musicians – any gender – are welcome. 

From September to April we practice at

      Christchurch, 105a Clarendon Park Road, Leicester. LE2 3AH.


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