Leicester Morrismen

Welcome to the website of Leicester Morrismen. We are a group of ordinary guys of varied ages and backgrounds,who share a love of the Morris and like having fun!

The Morris is a very old English tradition, mentioned by Shakespeare but going back much further. We know there have been Morrismen in Leicester since at least 1599 because they are mentioned in court records! The Present LEICESTER MORRISMEN started in 1953, so for nearly 70 years we have proudly carried on the tradition, and dancing and playing skills have been passed down from old hands to newcomers. The covid pandemic stopped us performing live in 2020 but we managed to mark May Day and Boxing day with online performances. In late Summer 2021 we emerged from suspended animation and are glad to be back in action!

Red Leicester on Great Central Railway
Proposed timetable for Sunday 9th January
Dance at Leicester North 10.40 – 11.00
Train (DMU) to Rothley 11.05 – 11.15
Dance at Rothley 11.20 – 11.35
Train (Steam) to LN 11.38 – 11.50
Dance at LN (One dance) 11.55 – 12.00
Train (Steam) to L’bro 12.05 – 12.35
Dance at L’bro ( One dance) 12.40 – 12.45
Train (Steam) to Quorn 12.50 – 12.57
Dance at Quorn 13.00 – 13.10
Lunch  13.10 – 13.45
Dance at Quorn 13.50 – 14.03
Train (DMU) to LN 14.07 – 14.30
Final Dance at LN 14.35 – 14.45